YOUR STORY #1: Thank You for the Best Trip to Joshua Tree!

YOUR STORY #1: Thank You for the Best Trip to Joshua Tree!

Posted by beside-u on 12th Aug 2021

Thank You Austin for the Best Trip to Joshua Tree!

I would like to say thank you to my best friend, Austin. We went to Joshua Tree National Park on the 12th of February, located at Twenty-Nine Town, California. At night, we could see the awesome and astonishing Milky Way. How beautiful it was to lie down in the car and see millions and millions of stars. In my heart, I feel so profoundly calm and respectful about how God can create such a wonderful world.  

Joshua Tree National Park

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We also hiked down Barker Dam to explore the giant rocks piled up all the way to the water. Barker Dam was built around 1900 in order to hold water for cattle and mining usage. The dam today holds a small rain-fed reservoir that is used by the park wildlife. It was about an hour hike, and the weather was very nice and comfortable in the early springtime!

Joshua Tree National Park Rocks

Joshua Tree National Park Leaves

We shared our thoughts and feelings about what happened with friends during the trip. What I appreciate very much about Austin is that he always stays positive no matter how tough a situation is and is always very considerate about others.

Hopefully, next time we can plan a trip to explore more national parks!!