YOUR STORY #4: Smelling the Roses and Keeping it Weird in Portland, OR

YOUR STORY #4: Smelling the Roses and Keeping it Weird in Portland, OR

Posted by beside-u on 12th Aug 2021

Smelling the Roses and Keeping it Weird in Portland, OR

Today we have the next chapter of beside-u’s YOUR STORY series. Join me, L, as we stop by the fair city of Portland, Oregon.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had the chance to visit Portland with my good friend, A. Portland is a city that has a reputation for its laidback attitude, rising food scene, and its full-hearted embrace of counterculture, and we wanted to see whether Portland could live up to all that hype.

In a stroke of luck, we didn’t meet any rain while we were there. I was almost disappointed, then again it wouldn’t have been as much fun visiting the gardens that day.

  International Rose Test Garden Your Story Portland

City Of Roses Your Story Portland

Portland is known as the “City of Roses,” since it has the ideal climate for growing roses. So we had to stop by their renowned International Rose Test Garden. It was incredible, as we stood among over 7,000 rose plants of 550 different kinds.

Beside-U Forever Young Brussels Satchel Bag Sweet Orange Your Story Portland

Say hello to my  Brussels satchel bag from beside-u. This buddy has been keeping me organized all during this trip, and with three compartments, it’s roomy enough to fit my thermos and DSLR to boot!

Downside, pollen allergies!

Allow Me Umbrella Man Your Story Portland

We paid a visit to the famous “Allow Me” statue by John Seward Johnson II. You can find the Umbrella Man at the Pioneer Courthouse Square, a popular spot for public gatherings.

Portland is a very walkable and bike-friendly city. We only had to pass a couple blocks to find blocks full of delicious food trucks with a surprising amount of diverse Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

Convention Center Your Story Portland

If you’re a coffee lover, Portland has a rich scene for you to discover. Just be sure to pace yourself, because there’s more than enough cafes worthy of sampling. A and I even checked out the original Stumptown Coffee Roasters for good measure.

Keep Portland Weird Mural Your Story Portland

Walk a couple blocks downtown, and you’re bound to see murals like this one pop out. Note, if you’re near the ”Keep Portland Weird,” mural and you’re a fan of donuts, perhaps you’ll be strong enough to brave the wait at Voodoo Donuts.

White Stag Your Story Portland

Finally, we leave you with a parting shot of White Stag sign near Burnside bridge. The time A and I had in Portland had us wishing we could go back again in the future. May we meet again someday!